Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For 8/22/11

Finished the presentation today without Matt. As much as I want to, me and Matt can't practice our presentation because he won't be here until the day of the presentation so that's not good. But at least I'm done so that feels great. Today the janitors had to clean my room so on the day Matt isn't here I had to go and pack up all of the equipment and move it out of the room which was not fun at all. At least Dan helped me out so it wasn't as bad. Only a few days left, kind of hard to believe. TTFN

For 8/19/11

We have almost finished the presentation, we have spent a lot of time researching different facts about our project to make sure that we are ready for the questions and that we know what we're talking about. plugin still refuses to work so we are just going to focus on the presentation for the rest of the internship. We also can't forget to finish the wiki before the summer is done. That's all for this post.

For 8/18/11

Matt came back today so we did a lot of work on the presentation today. It's starting to look very good, and it will be done in time so that's good. Today Jake was actually here so we were able to have several people work on getting the plugin and make the files for the DLE and the DME work with it. Unfortunately it still didn't work. So at least I know the problem wasn't my intelligence. So tomorrow I'm just going to work on the presentation. until tomorrow.

For 8/17/11

Today was completely devoted to doing my blog and the wiki that no one does. The wiki will be one huge update next week and the blog is a working process. The updates for the DSE didn't work. The first time this summer the files didn't work causes me problems for me because the DSE is all black now. We will use the old files for the demo today and try to see why the new ones are not working . Need to do the final inflation of the Ball and strap it down to the stand today before I leave work. Also need to make that I leave the door open so Brandon can use the room tonight. Well I'm done here

For 8/16/11

Today Matt isn't here so I decided to to tackle trying to get the DSE updated and to try to get the Google Chrome plugin to work with the DME and DLE files. The theme of today turned into trying things and trying things and trying things and it doesn't work. Got very frustrating after a few hours. So after I gave up for the day I set up the DSE to be shown off tomorrow to a few visitors. Will do the finally adjustments tomorrow before I leave work, See ya.

For 8/15/11

Today was a slow day. Me and Matt got back to a normal day of just working on the computer. No walking on roofs, playing cards, hanging out in other labs, feild trips, or tracking across the campus to do stuff. Just sitting in insight, working on the computer. Nothing much to say here just worked on the presentation. Matt's not going to be here for the next few days so I'm going to be working solo. Hope I can stay focused. See ya tomorrow.

For 8/12/11

      Today just about all of the college students had to go to the research symposium make a presentation. The high school interns had to attened the events and support the undergrads. So in the morning me and Matt just hung out with the other interns and talked about the presentations that we would be attending. We went to Java Wally's to have a cookie, a few drinks and to talk about the day.

      Me, Matt, and Alex left early to go to the presentation that we wanted to go to. The problem was that on the paper that we had the rooms were labeled one, two, three, four. The rooms were actually numbered 2170 and 2130, so it took much longer to find the room we were looking for. By the time we found the room that we were suppose to be in, we were ten minutes late so we didn't go in until it was over. I stayed for lunch because it was free. They had some pretty good Asian cuisine for lunch and the keynote speaker was interesting as well. He talked about how to make a small self made computer program and turn it in to a successful company like what he (John Resig) did with jQuery.

     After I got back I went to the insight lab to get to work when I found out there was a bunch of interns on the roof. It's been awhile since I've on the roof, (a year or so) so clearly that was where the party was at.

This is what the roof looks like

Well this has been nice but I got to go.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For 8/11/11

     Today was a really fun day. It started with a field trip to Melles Griot today. Bob and Joe were expecting the tour to take about two hour and we would go to a sub shop for lunch at noon. They talked a lot about the process for making high quality glass lenses and metal pieces to hold the glass. The thing the man running the tour  emphasized the most was there ability to create high quality custom pieces of glass, the amount of craftsmanship they possessed. The only problem was that the tour only lasted 45 minutes, this meant that lunch came really early. I had a Philly Cheese steak (not that anyone cares).

     When we got back Matt and I went to our classroom and got straight to work. I started writing more blog post and prepared more changes for my wiki. After a hour or two work I got up for a walk. I happened to be walking by Bethany's office when she needed to someone to help her with a few demonstration that she was doing for the Urban league kids. So I got Matt and we helped out. First we put Mentos into two liter bottles of diet coke.

Then we made a flame thrower with a air-sole can

and threw a watermelon off the roof
And another one
And Matt through the last one futher that the tarp so the watermelon hit the raw ground and did this
We also burst water balloons. Beth filmed the whole thing with a high speed camera, if you want to see these demos in slow-mo go to the RIT Imaging Science channel on youtube. Well today was great and this job is to. Bye bye for now

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For 8/10/11

Today was different. I wasn't feeling good when I woke up at three in the morning running to the bathroom in a continuous fashion so, I decided to go to work in the afternoon. At about 9 o clock when I was fine and settled my mom thought it would be a great time for me to go to school instead of just resting. Because in her mind you can relax after missing half a night of sleep (Two and a half hours spent in bed total) by being in a calc class.

     Went from school straight to work (without lunch or breakfast). Found out that I didn't sign up for free lunch (and i did), so I just finished the Mars project, did a few blog posts and started work on updating my wiki. Planing to upload all for my wiki updates at one time. Well I feel miserable and hungry so I'm just going to go home and eat. Peace

Monday, August 15, 2011

For 8/9/11

     Today Matt was actually here so I started working on Mars today. The moon was done early so Matt got a little work done on the final project. Because there's two of us doing the same presentation, were using Google docs instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. Now this could be interesting because I've never used Google docs so I might have some difficulty making this project.

     Today I had a little bad luck during lunch. Usually for lunch all of the interns go to a place on campus called Global Village to eat. Over the course of the summer there have been maybe six times that I've been here and no one or only one person has gone to global village. The two previous times to today I've had to go to Global Village to buy lunch have all been on one of these six days. Today was the third time and the worst time. After I found out that everyone was going to stay inside the building for lunch, the rain outside had died down to a sprinkle so I thought I could make it to Global Village and back without getting too wet. WRONG. As soon as I left crossroads (Multi-food place at Global Village) it started to pour. By the time I got back to the Carlson building I was soaked and everyone was laughing at me. The worst part was when I got to the door. The back door is not locked but hard to open, I usually have no problem because I have some muscle from baseball but I had a drink in my hand so I needed help.

      I was able to see other people come through the door drenched so it all bad. At least the pasta I got was filling, another constellation prize. Well that's all for this post, bye

Friday, August 12, 2011

For 8/8/11

When I came into work today after being out for almost a week I was expcting a debrefing on what Matt did while I was gone so I would now what to do. But when came in today I found he wasn't here. So after Bob let me into my room (Matt had the key) I started to look at what he did. kinda just spent the morning getting my bearings of where the projects were. After lunch I finished looking for fact on Mars. I did a blog post I did a ton of work on updating my wiki when I logged out of the wiki i realized that it was never saved. After some swearing and other expressions of anger, I went to the end day meeting. A little upset but next time things will be better.

For 8/2/11

Today I was out this morning to see a teacher but I came in at about one and just got to work. We searched the internet for facts about the moon and mars. Matt would do the DLE and I would do the Mars project when I got back from my trip to Detroit and Alabama. We where suppose to find fifty facts about the moon and mars but because there is only one skin for each project we decided that would to many fact so we reduced the number of facts. That is all for this week, I'll be on Monday.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

For 8/1/11

Woooooooo, yes yes yes (Three more minutes of celebration later) we finally finished all of the tours. After many screw ups, interruptions, and other things that made this difficult to do. We have completed the DSE. Now we're going to move on to the next project the digital lunar explorer which we hope won't take anywhere near as much time as the DSE did. So we'll do the moon project then we'll move on to Mars.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For 7/29/11

Today was a very fustrating day. Making the tours for the DSE has been hard, and it shouldn't be. Me and Matt have been messing up when clicking on the different audio files and pushpins. Sometimes when we clicked on different pushpins they wouldn't display any informations until after several attemps. The audio files would move the dse even though we fixed that yesterday. The most annoying thing was when ever thing was going just fine and we woul dse close to finishing a tour when someone interupts. The room needs to be silent when making a tour so when some opens the door, the nosie makes it into the tour. Then we have to start over again. Hope to to have better luck on monday. Until then, bye

Monday, August 1, 2011

For 7/28/11

Today we decided that Google earth wasn't going to work the way it was suppose to, so instead of trying to fix the audio files we just deleted them and started over. After many screw ups, interruptions, and accidental deletions, we finally finished them all. Now we just string all of them together and divide it up into the different skins, hopefully that goes a little smoother.

Friday, July 29, 2011

For 7/27/11

Today we tried to make the tours for each of the skins but instead we found a problem with the audio files. When we clicked on them they would move the DSE and/or zoom in or out and we don't want that to happen. So we spent the day trying to fix this, referring to the google earth user guide and the blog community. Non of these ideas worked so we (Matt and I) will have to redo them all tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For 7/26/11

When I walked into my "lab" this morning I was a little surprised that all of the equipment was gone. The Planeterrium (3D floor), DSE, labtops, ever thing important, gone. Knowing (or i really hope that) that no one could have stole it, so I text brandon to ask if he had the stuff. So spent the morning looking at the rest of the things on the to do list. After lunch we finished making audio files for the DSE.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For 7/25/11

Today was different, that in itself was a good thing. Every single day being the same thing was starting to get annoying, but today there was a field trip so that broke things up. Today we went to Rochester Percision Opticis, a company that makes different type and sizes of lens and other things. Afterwards we took the party bus that was rented far the day (seriously a party bus) to pizza hut for lunch. Funny story as everyone in the group was walking in, a little girl sitting with her mom and sister started complaining to the waiters that there that if we ate here there would no more food for her. (so cute) When we got back Matt and I started making a tour in the DSE that would go through the pushpins on each skin.

     That was almost every thing that happened today. I did leave out one little detail. When we first came in today we received a Email saying that Jake's boss (yes our boss' boss) was coming in to see all of the work that we've done so far this summer. After a half hour of freaking out, swearing, and running around trying to set everything up, we replied that we would be gone for most of the day and the meeting got rescheduled. Pip pip cheerio see you later.

For 7/23/11

     Today was a good day. It started with me waking up in my new full sized bed which is comty as ****. Way better than the dorms by grace's. Today is the last day of the RIT college and career fair, where parents pay two hundred dollars (or something outrageous like that) for there child to got to a few workshops a paid lunch and one night in the giant ovens by grace's that RIT calls dorms (what a great value). I was hired to do some demos of a few things that happen at the Carlson building. Unfortunately neither I, Brandon, or Casey (insight team building hombre) could get into the scube room, so 15 minutes of our demo was gone. This left a half hour of extra time after the 3D floor and DSE were done. Most of this time was awkward silents which really made us look good.

     In between the demos we just went up to the insight lab so one of us could try to sleep off his hangover (real professional) and so i could do some work on the computer. Overall it went pretty good and i am happy for it. Ta Ta for now.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

for 07/22/11

     Today Matt and I did a demonstration of our current project (DSE) and the next project that we will be working on, the Planeterranium (or something like that). Make what is a slide show of different 3D images of Mars and make it more interactive. We are probably going to use Some of the ideas from the DSE to do this.

     Drew (Assistant Insight Coordinator man) gave us a long list of other tasks that we could do for the rest of the summer, which is something i've been waiting for (Why did I complain about having nothing to do? It was great, I could watch movies and take naps. Why?!). Going to come I tomorrow to run some demo's for the College Fair at RIT. So thats cool, and not just because I'm getting paid for it. There are other things (that I can't think of right now) that made wan't to come in on a saturday. Well I feel like i'm starting to ramble so I am going to end this post now, "see" you again real soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

For 7/20/11

Today the DSE was finally updated! I spent a lot of time waiting for this and it finally happened. Now I just need feedback from brandon (Head educational technology dude) who will be presenting it tonight on how it worked and what other improvements are needed to be made. After that we (matt and I) could be finished with it. Now we need to find a new project and we have no idea how to do that. I most likely will ask around for one. I be back tomorrow wit more (broken english), Bye

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday week 3

     Sorry I haven't been updating my blog that often, but thats because I've been making a ton of progress on the Digital Solar Explorer. My partner Matt has been spending his time in West Virgina helping less fortunate people, so I was working alone. I bought Smoothboard for the Wiimote so now it's more accurate than before, found the Sixth skin of the DSE that we were over looking for days, and increased the size of all of the pushpins to make them easier to click. I also reasigned the buttons on the Wiimote to work like they did before, learned HTML, and used it to edit all of the descriptions to help make them easier to read when projected onto the sphere.

     Spending time with the other interns makes this job great to have. At times however I do get annoyed with the complete lack of direction. For a period of time I thought that I was suppose to be in my room trying to do things all by myself without any help of any kind. Bob Callens (program/intern helper guy) came in and told me of other things i could do.

    I will at least try to create some content everyday for the rest of summer, still very new to this blogging thing. Until next time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second week part 1

Been working hard this week trying to perfect smoothboard and the digital solar explore. The Wii is more accurate with smoothboard than it is by it's self it's a little too sensitive. Every time you press a button the cursor moves a little making it hard to click anything, but the project is coming along nicely despite my partner Matt not being here. I'm having a lot of fun here especially  when me and a few of the other interns mess with Halle Orr who just started Monday. Well thats good for now, until next time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

First week

The first week here has been interesting. Despite the fact that my key card isn't working, I have been enjoying working in here. Me ang my partner Matt Greco have been working on a program that is used to educate people about the sun called the Digital Solar Explorer. We have been making it more user friendly and appaer more professional. I'll keep you updated as the weeks goes on.