Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday week 3

     Sorry I haven't been updating my blog that often, but thats because I've been making a ton of progress on the Digital Solar Explorer. My partner Matt has been spending his time in West Virgina helping less fortunate people, so I was working alone. I bought Smoothboard for the Wiimote so now it's more accurate than before, found the Sixth skin of the DSE that we were over looking for days, and increased the size of all of the pushpins to make them easier to click. I also reasigned the buttons on the Wiimote to work like they did before, learned HTML, and used it to edit all of the descriptions to help make them easier to read when projected onto the sphere.

     Spending time with the other interns makes this job great to have. At times however I do get annoyed with the complete lack of direction. For a period of time I thought that I was suppose to be in my room trying to do things all by myself without any help of any kind. Bob Callens (program/intern helper guy) came in and told me of other things i could do.

    I will at least try to create some content everyday for the rest of summer, still very new to this blogging thing. Until next time.

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