Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For 7/23/11

     Today was a good day. It started with me waking up in my new full sized bed which is comty as ****. Way better than the dorms by grace's. Today is the last day of the RIT college and career fair, where parents pay two hundred dollars (or something outrageous like that) for there child to got to a few workshops a paid lunch and one night in the giant ovens by grace's that RIT calls dorms (what a great value). I was hired to do some demos of a few things that happen at the Carlson building. Unfortunately neither I, Brandon, or Casey (insight team building hombre) could get into the scube room, so 15 minutes of our demo was gone. This left a half hour of extra time after the 3D floor and DSE were done. Most of this time was awkward silents which really made us look good.

     In between the demos we just went up to the insight lab so one of us could try to sleep off his hangover (real professional) and so i could do some work on the computer. Overall it went pretty good and i am happy for it. Ta Ta for now.

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