Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For 8/12/11

      Today just about all of the college students had to go to the research symposium make a presentation. The high school interns had to attened the events and support the undergrads. So in the morning me and Matt just hung out with the other interns and talked about the presentations that we would be attending. We went to Java Wally's to have a cookie, a few drinks and to talk about the day.

      Me, Matt, and Alex left early to go to the presentation that we wanted to go to. The problem was that on the paper that we had the rooms were labeled one, two, three, four. The rooms were actually numbered 2170 and 2130, so it took much longer to find the room we were looking for. By the time we found the room that we were suppose to be in, we were ten minutes late so we didn't go in until it was over. I stayed for lunch because it was free. They had some pretty good Asian cuisine for lunch and the keynote speaker was interesting as well. He talked about how to make a small self made computer program and turn it in to a successful company like what he (John Resig) did with jQuery.

     After I got back I went to the insight lab to get to work when I found out there was a bunch of interns on the roof. It's been awhile since I've on the roof, (a year or so) so clearly that was where the party was at.

This is what the roof looks like

Well this has been nice but I got to go.

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