Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For 7/25/11

Today was different, that in itself was a good thing. Every single day being the same thing was starting to get annoying, but today there was a field trip so that broke things up. Today we went to Rochester Percision Opticis, a company that makes different type and sizes of lens and other things. Afterwards we took the party bus that was rented far the day (seriously a party bus) to pizza hut for lunch. Funny story as everyone in the group was walking in, a little girl sitting with her mom and sister started complaining to the waiters that there that if we ate here there would no more food for her. (so cute) When we got back Matt and I started making a tour in the DSE that would go through the pushpins on each skin.

     That was almost every thing that happened today. I did leave out one little detail. When we first came in today we received a Email saying that Jake's boss (yes our boss' boss) was coming in to see all of the work that we've done so far this summer. After a half hour of freaking out, swearing, and running around trying to set everything up, we replied that we would be gone for most of the day and the meeting got rescheduled. Pip pip cheerio see you later.

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