Monday, August 15, 2011

For 8/9/11

     Today Matt was actually here so I started working on Mars today. The moon was done early so Matt got a little work done on the final project. Because there's two of us doing the same presentation, were using Google docs instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. Now this could be interesting because I've never used Google docs so I might have some difficulty making this project.

     Today I had a little bad luck during lunch. Usually for lunch all of the interns go to a place on campus called Global Village to eat. Over the course of the summer there have been maybe six times that I've been here and no one or only one person has gone to global village. The two previous times to today I've had to go to Global Village to buy lunch have all been on one of these six days. Today was the third time and the worst time. After I found out that everyone was going to stay inside the building for lunch, the rain outside had died down to a sprinkle so I thought I could make it to Global Village and back without getting too wet. WRONG. As soon as I left crossroads (Multi-food place at Global Village) it started to pour. By the time I got back to the Carlson building I was soaked and everyone was laughing at me. The worst part was when I got to the door. The back door is not locked but hard to open, I usually have no problem because I have some muscle from baseball but I had a drink in my hand so I needed help.

      I was able to see other people come through the door drenched so it all bad. At least the pasta I got was filling, another constellation prize. Well that's all for this post, bye

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