Saturday, July 23, 2011

for 07/22/11

     Today Matt and I did a demonstration of our current project (DSE) and the next project that we will be working on, the Planeterranium (or something like that). Make what is a slide show of different 3D images of Mars and make it more interactive. We are probably going to use Some of the ideas from the DSE to do this.

     Drew (Assistant Insight Coordinator man) gave us a long list of other tasks that we could do for the rest of the summer, which is something i've been waiting for (Why did I complain about having nothing to do? It was great, I could watch movies and take naps. Why?!). Going to come I tomorrow to run some demo's for the College Fair at RIT. So thats cool, and not just because I'm getting paid for it. There are other things (that I can't think of right now) that made wan't to come in on a saturday. Well I feel like i'm starting to ramble so I am going to end this post now, "see" you again real soon.

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