Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For 8/11/11

     Today was a really fun day. It started with a field trip to Melles Griot today. Bob and Joe were expecting the tour to take about two hour and we would go to a sub shop for lunch at noon. They talked a lot about the process for making high quality glass lenses and metal pieces to hold the glass. The thing the man running the tour  emphasized the most was there ability to create high quality custom pieces of glass, the amount of craftsmanship they possessed. The only problem was that the tour only lasted 45 minutes, this meant that lunch came really early. I had a Philly Cheese steak (not that anyone cares).

     When we got back Matt and I went to our classroom and got straight to work. I started writing more blog post and prepared more changes for my wiki. After a hour or two work I got up for a walk. I happened to be walking by Bethany's office when she needed to someone to help her with a few demonstration that she was doing for the Urban league kids. So I got Matt and we helped out. First we put Mentos into two liter bottles of diet coke.

Then we made a flame thrower with a air-sole can

and threw a watermelon off the roof
And another one
And Matt through the last one futher that the tarp so the watermelon hit the raw ground and did this
We also burst water balloons. Beth filmed the whole thing with a high speed camera, if you want to see these demos in slow-mo go to the RIT Imaging Science channel on youtube. Well today was great and this job is to. Bye bye for now

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